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The Importance of Adult Vaccinations

The Importance of Adult Vaccinations

adult vaccinations

In America today, vaccinations have changed our lives. Not only have they reduced many infectious diseases that once plagued our lives, they have even eliminated some of these viruses and bacterias from our lives. That means much of what harmed or killed infants, children and adults 50 years ago isn’t a threat to us today. But that doesn’t mean they are gone. These viruses and bacterias still exist, and that’s why it’s crucial we stay vaccinated, even as adults.

Vaccines Today

Vaccines go through years of testing before they make it to us. They are routinely tested and monitored by the CDC and the FDA to ensure safety for everyone. And that’s exactly what they are meant to do. Vaccines are one of the safest ways to protect your and your family’s health. While side effects can occur, they are usually mild and disappear after a couple of days. Most commonly, vaccine side effects include soreness, redness or slight swelling at the injection side.

Protecting your loved ones

Vaccines don’t just protect you. They also protect your loved ones, especially infants, small children and elderly adults who have weakened immune systems, from life-threatening illnesses.  In fact, age and health conditions can make certain family members unable to get certain vaccines. This could be an infant who is too young to be vaccinated for whooping cough. They rely on you to help prevent spreading those diseases by being vaccinated yourself.

Protecting yourself

Vaccines are derived to work with your body’s natural defenses. They help your body safely develop immunities to diseases. This process lowers your chances of contracting certain diseases, like cancers and chronic lung disease. In fact, flu vaccines can lower your risk of certain flu-related conditions like heart attacks.

Risk for Serious Disease

It’s simple. Vaccines are created so you can help protect yourself from unnecessary suffering. Thousands of U.S. adults become ill every year from diseases that vaccines can help prevent. With the busy lives of most Americans, you can’t afford to get sick, and vaccines can help prevent just that.

Overall, vaccines are one of the safest ways to protect yourself. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your and your family’s vaccination options.

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