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Five Ways to Tame Your Sugar Craving

Five Ways to Tame Your Sugar Craving

sugar craving

This morning you promised yourself you’d eat healthier, but you forgot Jane’s birthday was today and somebody brought cake. It’d be rude not to eat a slice. Before you know it, a mid-afternoon donut calls your name and a bowl of sugary cereal wraps up the day as your bedtime snack.

What happened?

Our brains rely on a steady supply of sugar in order to function. Sugar, in and of itself, isn’t our problem, its the added sugars in those breakroom confections and processed foods that send our brains into overload leading to increased sugar craving. Sugar triggers the release of feel-good hormones called Serotonin. These hormones help us relax. Combine those benefits with the fact sugar tastes good and it’s no wonder we want to dive right into a vat of chocolate.

Overdoses of sugar, however, lead to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and a slew of other health problems. To reduce your body’s sugar craving, start small and make deliberate steps to choose healthier foods.

Distance Yourself

Instead of grabbing the mid-day snack to snap you from your afternoon slump, take a stroll around the office. Anticipating a sweet treat often makes us feel better than actually eating it. Adding distance between you and the temptation allows you time to consider why you really wanted that soda or bag of chips (or both).

Dish Out Smaller Portions

Some folks prefer going cold turkey and cutting out all added sugar at once. If you aren’t that self-disciplined, allow yourself a bite-sized candy bar or combine your sugar craving with a healthy treat. For instance, dip a high-fiber fruit like strawberries into a chocolate. The fiber slows the absorption of the sugar and keeps you full longer.

Chew Over It

Chewing aids in making your body feel full. Instead of giving into a sweet treat and feeding your sugar craving, pop a piece of sugarless gum into your mouth.

Go Bananas

Fruits include natural sugars. While too much fruit increases your blood sugar like foods with added sugar, eaten in moderation fresh fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth and provide your body with fiber and other nutrients that slow down sugar absorption. Dried fruit added to an assortment of nuts covers your craving while keeping proportions in check. Remember, too much fruit can overload your sugar system too, so don’t use this as a blank check.

Eat Mindfully

Do you crave that cheesecake because you’re celebrating a unique occasion or because you’re stressed over work? Understanding why you choose specific foods may help you steer toward healthier options. If stress drives you to sugar, it might be time to schedule time with a counsellor instead. Eating a donut after a stressful encounter offers no long term solutions, but it may very well create long-term problems.

Most people find quitting sugar “cold turkey” difficult. Choose one or two of these steps to reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet this week. Once you’ve cut back on your sugar consumption, your mind and body will more willingly choose healthier options.


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