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Men’s Health Tips

Men’s Health Tips

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor.  But not taking care of yourself and skipping the doc’s office will send you to an early grave. Follow these men’s health tips for a long life. 

Eat Well. 

A healthy, well-balanced diet is key to keeping your body in good condition and running strong. A healthy plate is colorful and contains protein, green veggies, and grains. Drink lots of water and you’ve got what it takes. 

Stop tobacco use. 

It’s no secret tobacco is terrible for your entire body. If you use, find a way to quit. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, try again. It’s worth the hard weeks and months to get your lungs and heart healthy. 

Get moving. 

Join a gym, a bicycling club, or gardening club to stay active. Walking is one of the best workouts and it’s free! You need at least two hours of aerobic cardio a week to stay fit. Yoga also works out tired muscles and keeps your body flexible. It’s not just a woman’s workout…men can benefit, too. 

Get rid of the gut. 

Following a healthy diet and staying active will cure a flabby belly. Perhaps you don’t mind your gut but it’s actually a sign of heart and other possible health problems. Talk to your provider before beginning a new diet or workout regimen. 

Buckle up.

Seatbelts save lives. Use it every time you get into the car. Accidents are a common killer of men. Don’t become a  statistic. While we’re talking about safety, remember to wear safety glasses when you work and a helmet on a bike and other moving toys. Don’t drive recklessly and pay attention. 

You have a long life ahead of you. Enjoy every minute of it with a healthy body. These tips get you started, but to maintain your health remember to visit your doctor for yearly check-ups. If you’re one of the thousands of men without a primary care physician, we’ve got you. Our providers are always accepting new patients.

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