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Mantachie Rural Health Care Partners with Fred’s Pharmacy for Discount Drug Program

Mantachie Rural Health Care Partners with Fred’s Pharmacy for Discount Drug Program

mantachie discount drug program

This year, 10% of Americans’ healthcare spending is expected to go toward prescription drugs. Only 43% of patients have private drug insurance while 29% rely on Medicare. And one out of four say they have trouble paying for medications. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Numbers only paint part of the picture. For patients who see a provider at Mantachie Rural Health Care, some must choose between paying for their diabetes medication and paying the electric bill.

Mantachie Rural Health Care in conjunction with SunRX and Fred’s Pharmacy in Mantachie have a new Discount Drug Program to assist patients who either do not have insurance or whose insurance will not pay for their prescriptions.

To get started, become a patient of Mantachie Rural Health Care, pick up a 340B card at our front desk and take it with you to Fred’s Pharmacy in Mantachie. Savings vary depending on the prescription but patients without insurance may save up to 60% on prescriptions.

What if I have insurance?

Patients who already have insurance can participate in the discount drug program too. If your insurance covers your prescription, you’ll pay your co-pay as usual. For these interactions, Mantachie Rural Health Care will receive a financial benefit from your insurance company that costs you nothing but allows us to continue to care for other families in need.

If your insurance does not cover the drug prescribed, you may use the card to reduce the cost of your prescription by up to 60%.

Still have questions? Talk to your provider or our front desk staff about using the new SunRx card and saving on your medications.

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