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Skipping Your Cervical Cancer Screening? Don’t.

Skipping Your Cervical Cancer Screening? Don’t.

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New recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force give women the options in their cervical cancer screenings:

The average woman aged 30-65 can be screened by:

  • A Pap test every three years
  • A HPV every five years
  • Or Both tests (collected together) every five years

Previously doctor’s recommended a Pap test every year in these age groups. With the reduced amount of testing, you’d expect more, not fewer, women to be screening. Unfortunately, less than 65% of women are up to date on their screenings.

Why Schedule Your Cervical Cancer Screening?

Short answer? Cervical cancer exhibits no symptoms in its early stages when treatment is most effective. The best way to detect cervical cancer early is through microscopic testing of your cervix lining. In addition to testing for cervical cancer during your visit, your provider will test for STIs, an important yearly testing for women who are sexually active with more than one partner or who practice unsafe sex.

Why Aren’t Women Being Screened?

Researchers have multiple theories. One is that without the need for a yearly Pap test women believe they do not need to see their gynecologist but every three to five years. It’s easier to forget to schedule a cervical cancer screening three years from now than it is to keep a yearly appointment. Also confusion over the guidelines and which test they need may keep some women from being tested at all.

Testing dips after age 26 when many women roll off their parents’ health insurance so they may not be able to pay for the testing. And finally, rumors of how uncomfortable a Pap test is can discourage some women from scheduling theirs.

Don’t Be Chicken, Schedule Your Appointment

We’re making it easier to stay healthy. For $15 you can receive your Pap test in our office.

Not sure when you had your last cervical cancer screening? No problem. Let’s start now. We’ll add your screening dates to your patient record in our office or start a new one if you’ve never been here before. When you forget the last time you had a screening, call us, we’ll be glad to check.

Worried about how uncomfortable screening may be? A Pap or HPV test is one of the least invasive tests you’ll schedule. Having a strep or flu test is much more uncomfortable in our opinion. Plus, our providers and nursing staff have excellent bedside manners. Your screening will be over before you know it.

No insurance or high deductible? No problem. Like we said, $15 covers your screening. If you only need one every three years that’s like 41 cents a month. Your health is worth it.

Ready to schedule your Pap test? Call us now at 662-282-4226.

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