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Finding and Educating Your Diabetes Support Team

Finding and Educating Your Diabetes Support Team

diabetes support team

Telling your family and friends about your diabetes may be the next hardest hurdle you’ll face after receiving your diabetes diagnosis. But one of the best predictors of how a person manages their diabetes is the amount of support they receive from friends and family. While you may not want to start out your next family get together with a big diabetes announcement, it’s helpful for those close to you to know and understand what’s happening with your health.

When you’re reeling from the diagnosis yourself, it’s hard to know how to help your family create the support team you need and they want to be. Start here as you discuss your diagnosis with your diabetes support team.


You’re still learning about diabetes yourself, so don’t feel like you have to be the source of education for everyone. Point them toward resources like our blog on diabetes, our monthly classes, or the American Diabetes Association website.

As your discussions evolve, decide how involved you want your diabetes support team to be in your diabetes management. Do you appreciate someone reminding you to check your blood sugar or does it make you angry? Your family won’t know where your boundaries lie unless you tell them.

As part of your own education and the education of your family members, remember diabetes is different for everyone. Some patients struggle to manage their blood sugar numbers no matter how well they eat or exercise. You may just have bad days and blame from yourself or others won’t help, a hug or phone call just to chat might though.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to learning about diabetes, your friends and family, as your diabetes support team, can support the lifestyle changes you make by adopting some of those themselves. If you’re working to add exercise into your routine, ask your family to join you. Encourage those eating with you to also eat from the healthier diet you’re now following. Everyone can benefit from increased exercise and a better diet.

Find a Friend

As supportive and loving as your family may be, you’ll want to connect with others who also have diabetes. Our monthly diabetes education class allows you to meet others in North Mississippi who also struggle with diabetes. If you don’t live near enough to join our class, search your local area for a diabetes support group. Facebook also hosts a number of diabetes support groups online where you can find others who understand your questions and daily work to keep your blood sugar under control.

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