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Are Hand Sanitizers Safe?

Are Hand Sanitizers Safe?

are hand sanitizers safe?

During the last twenty years, hand sanitizers have emerged as a staple in schools, clinics, hospitals, and many businesses. Hand sanitizer manufacturers advertise it as a safe alternative to hand-washing, but the Food and Drug Administration still recommends washing with plain soap and warm water for the safest and most effective cleaning. They suggest using sanitizer only when soap and water are unavailable.

Like other chemical-based products, critics accuse hand sanitizers of being harmful to our health. In 2016, triclosan, an ingredient in hand sanitizer, was banned from further use in the product. Additional claims charge that regular use of the product lowers the body’s natural defense against germs and bacteria. But are any of these allegations true? In a recent interview with WebMD, an FDA expert weighed in on current thoughts about hand sanitizers and the steps the FDA is taking to further investigate this product’s safety. Check out the interview here

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